Why Personal Trainers and Online Coaches Choose Stridist vs Lenus

Over 8,000 users trust Stridist as a more powerful and fairly priced Lenus alternative. According to them, our platform is easier to use, quicker to set up, and provides a way better experience for your clients.

“Lenus were taking such a big cut of my revenue that I had to focus on volume of clients more than my actual service at times just to make sure I could pay my bills!. I had 80 online clients and after their cut, my other costs, tax, my personal costs I was left with very little left over each month. I should have had plenty”

Chelsea S

At Stridist we don’t take 30% of your revenue, and we offer a free trial and not a 4 figure set up fee, which alone makes us a pretty great Lenus alternative

In our opinion, no software should cost you 30% of your total revenue, especially not when there are so many equivalent options out there. You become an online coach to earn a great living, run a high margin business and have time and locational freedom. Giving away 30% of your revenue means you might as well be paying gym rent again. Not to mention the set up fee that can cost you $1000s

Stridist Vs Lenus Price Comparison For An Online Fitness Coach Who Charges $200pm

Number of Clients103050100
Stridist Monthly Price$95$95$95$180
Lenus Monthly Price$600$1,800$3,000$6,000
We could go on but we’ll assume you get the point about pricing and leave the comparison there

Lenus do provide account managers that help their users with business advice and support. From what we can find, those account managers have never enjoyed success as trainers, coaches or online coaches themselves

At Stridist, our entire team have ran successful personal training business, gyms and online coaching businesses, our courses, support, resources, education and mentoring are delivered by people who have been in your shoes and have been down the path you want to go down with your business

Stridist is built by trainers and coaches, for trainers and coaches.

The Lenus founder worked at IBM

Our goal at Stridist is to empower and champion personal trainers, fitness coaches, online coaches and nutrition professionals. So that you can build an amazing business for yourself and reach the people who need your help

Along with what we believe to be the best software in the world for fitness and nutrition professionals

We also provide you with courses, mentoring, a website, custom branded ebooks and recipe books, access to a private community and everything else you’d need in order to build a successful business and to continue to develop as a trainer or coach

Here’s why our software is a great Lenus alternative

Client progress tracking
Track all your clients progress in one easy to use client profile page

In-app Messaging
Communicate with your clients directly inside the Stridist platform, no need for Whatsapp or email communication

Client Coaching App
Your clients will have an app they can use to complete check-ins, complete their workouts, access content, track progress and communicate with you

“They seemed to just be focused on increasing peoples followers on Instagram, which while nice, isn’t something I was going to give away 30% of my revenue for. Followers doesn’t mean clients!”

Sarah L

Stridist is simpler & more enjoyable to use for your clients

One of the most common complaints we heard from our coaches who used to use Lenus is that their clients hated using it. And they hated that as a client they still had to use other apps as well because Lenus couldn’t cover everything.

Client programming
Programme any kind of workouts from WODs, to bodybuilding, to Yoga to home HIIT. Assign clients meal plans, macro targets, habits or portion sizes

Client check-ins and onboarding
Automate your client check-in process and onboarding so clients get the same amazing experience every time and you only have to create once

Build courses and content libraries
Drip feed educational content and resources to help your clients get even better results and deliver an extra layer of value

“The Lenus contract worried me to be honest, from what I understood if I ever wanted to leave my clients are their customers not mine and I wouldn’t be able to take them with me. Just put me off completely”

Stridist has features that will help you grow your business that Lenus doesn’t have

With Lenus you get a website, with Stridist you get a choice of websites plus more

Sales Funnel and Landing Page Builder
Quickly build sales funnels and landing pages from scratch using our simple page builder or choose from our library of pre-existing templates

Appointment Booking
Connect Stridist to your calendar and create booking links for consultation calls, appointments, sales calls, sessions and more

Stripe and PayPal
Create products and packages and take payment all from inside the Stridist platform

Email Marketing
Capture email addresses, build your email list, send newsletters and broadcasts and build email automations

Social Media Scheduling
Create and schedule posts to all your social media profiles from inside Stridist

CRM and Pipeline Management
Track your leads and sales and all your numbers inside the Stridist dashboard

One App To Replace Them All

Stridist gives you all the tools you need to grow a great business and life for yourself. Better serve your clients. While saving you hours each week and thousands of dollars per year by replacing all the other software you need to build a fast growing, systemised coaching business

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