Fitness & Nutrition Tracker Integrations

Connect your client's fitness or nutrition tracking device to Stridist for a comprehensive overview of their health journey in one place.

See the whole picture with our device integrations

Import activity, nutrition and lifestyle factors tracked in other apps to provide a more accurate picture of client progress. No more going back and forth with your client, having them manually send over their meals or daily steps. Stridist has a whole host of popular integrations, including Fitbit, Nutracheck, Garmin and Google Fit, which automatically sync and update data every 5 minutes. So if your client enters a meal into an integrated nutrition app, a few minutes later their calories, macronutrients and micronutrients will be available in their Stridist profile for you to see.

How To Connect Your Client's Activity,
Health Or Nutrition Tracker
To Stridist


Client settings

Your client will need to log in to the app and go to their Settings


Terra Connect

They then scroll down and tap on the Terra Connect button


Accept permissions

The client will then be taken to a widget to provide their permissions



They will then have access to a selection of integrations and they simply tap on the connect button next to their activity or nutrition tracker

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