In App Payments

Stridist integrates with Paypal and Stripe so you can create products, packages and take payments all from within Stridist

Create packages, products and take payments

You can create packages, products and sell your services using our two payment integrations.

Link your Stridist account to your PayPal or Stripe account and start taking payments in minutes

Take payments over the phone, send payment links or add payment checkouts on your sales pages for online payments

Connect your payments to automations and workflows welcoming new customers and clients and onboarding them instantly

Track all your payments, revenue and sales data inside the Stridist dashboard

How To Take Payments In Stridist


Click on packages

Inside the Stridist marketing suite choose the packages option


Connect your payment processor

You can connect Stripe or Paypal accounts in seconds


Create your products or packages

Once you've created your product you can create a payment link, add the checkout to a landing page or take payment over the phone

Payments Tutorial

Setup and be taking payments in minutes

The Stridist payments system allows you to connect Stridist to your preferred payment processor and be up and running taking payments in minutes. Manage all your payments, clients and products inside the Stridist dashboard. No need for seperate checkout software.

Create different products for different clients

Whether it's different payment options, different price points or different products all together. You can create and take payment for anything you like. Coaching, group programmes, plans, merchandise, courses and more


Payment processing

Stridist allows you to quickly and easily create products and take payments

How do you take payments for free?

It is absolutely free to start taking payments inside Stridist! You can start a free trial by clicking one of the free trial buttons on this page, enter your details and you’ll be given access to our entire suite of tools for fitness and nutrition professionals

More than payments

Stridist is packed with features for fitness and nutrition professionals who love their clients. As well as our in app payments, you can use our in app messaging, build courses for clients, track their progress, programme and monitor their nutrition and much more. As well as the Stridist platform Stridist also gives you access to resources, templates and courses that will help you grow and run your fitness business or nutrition business