Online coaching software for trainers and coaches who love their clients

Simple, beautiful client programming, communication and tracking in one easy to use platform. Made by fitness and nutrition professionals

Stridist is the most powerful, flexible, simple coaching platform ever made. Allowing you to quickly and effectively programme training and nutrition for clients. Build content libraries, online courses and group programmes. Programme nutrition using calories and macros, portion sizes, meal logging or habit based coaching. Communicate with them inside the app. Build community groups. Track their progress, easily on one profile page. And automate essential tasks like check-ins, onboarding sequences and DM’s.

The world's first all in one platform for fitness and nutrition professionals

You can stop using multiple different apps to work with clients and start providing a professional, coaching experience that scales your business, makes your life easier and delights your clients

Programme any kind of workouts for any kind of clients

Whether your clients are doing WODs, traditional lifting programmes, hiit workouts or home workouts. You can programme them all inside the powerful and flexible Stridist Programme Builder

Add follow along videos, write out text workouts, add question boxes for clients to add training results or simply use our reps and sets based workout builder. We have a database of nearly 3,000 movements with video demos or you can replace our videos with your own

Programme 1 week at a time, in blocks or upto 99 weeks at once, easily duplicate and template workouts and entire programmes for future use


Client progress and tracking

You and your clients can track and chart as much or as little as you like. From steps, bodyweight, measurements, results and progress in individual exercises or entire workouts, progress pictures and more. All in one simple profile page


Nutrition programming

Meal logging, portion size tracking, calories and macros, take a non linear approach and programme differently for example on training days and rest days. Or create more habit based programmes. You can programme nutrition using a number of different methods depending on what your method of coaching is and the type of client your working with


A proper functioning business should work for you and deliver a great experience (and results) for your clients. Having to use multiple apps for check-ins, DM’s, training and nutrition and sending videos adds complexity, forms, takes more time, decreases client satisfaction and costs more money.

Using Stridist saves you time, saves you money and provides your clients with an experience they’ll love you for

Stridist Programme Builder

You don’t need a separate membership site for clients. Build video courses, content libraries, automate in app DMs, create an automated check-in process and an automated onboarding sequence, create habit based programmes, schedule reminders and much much more all within the most simple to use programming tool you’ll ever see


Client app

Your clients will enjoy a simple to use beautiful in app experience, most of the data and information can be found in their profile page, the in app workout experience includes their historic lifts, video demos, the ability to upload videos while training and they can see all their programmes in their client calendar.


Stridist Design House

We decided that we wanted to make Stridist so valuable that even if you never coached a single client on it, it would still be worth having.

So we’ll deliver new recipe books every month, new ebooks every month, training guides, nutrition guides, client onboarding resources

All for you to use however you like, whether it's value adds to existing clients, or as lead magnets to grow your business

The resource library will also include social media templates, email marketing templates, landing page templates, Facebook ad templates

And more

All editable and updated monthly. Build and Scale customers will have their ebooks, recipe books and guides custom branded by the Stridist Design House team

The Stridist Design House is worth 2-3x what we charge even if it was a standalone service without the Stridist platform or Stridist Incubator

We know that because we reviewed what others were charging in the market place for that service


Stridist Incubator

Led by the best educators the fitness industry has to offer.

Delivering intensives, mini courses, takeover weeks and sprints, mentoring and coaching on an array of topics

An education platform where Stridist users could learn from the best people in the industry

There will be ongoing education, live coaching calls, small group mentoring, weekly accountability, access to the Stridist Incubator coaching group and more

The experts who lead the Stridist Incubator charge $100s - $1000s per month for mentoring and education. You can work with them as a Stridist user for as little as $20pm


The team behind Stridist have been in the fitness industry since 2008, and have been educating in the industry since 2016. Helping nearly 3,000 trainers and coaches build amazing businesses and help thousands of clients in the process

Invest as little as $20 in your business today and Stridist will give more time back, help you retain clients for longer, and make your life easier and clients experience of working with you 10x more enjoyable

You’ll also get help to grow your business and better market it using the Stridist Design House And Stridist Incubator

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Group coaching

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