Nutrition Software

Build nutrition programmes for your clients in minutes

Create all kinds of nutrition programmes for all kinds of clients

Working with different clients with different nutrition needs? Limited by how you can programme your nutrition? With Stridist you can quickly build all kinds of nutrition programmes using all kinds of different methodologies, for all kinds of clients. Whether you need a client to track calories and macros, just calories, or track different things on training and rest days and have different targets
Maybe you don’t want a client to track calories and macros and instead want them to track portion sizes, or maybe you want to take a more habit based approach with your clients, you can build any kind of nutrition programme in the Stridist nutrition software

You can even turn on meal logging and ask your clients to submit meal images and notes

Our intuitive nutrition software allows you to quickly create and track your clients nutrition programmes

Try the Stridist nutrition software today for free and build better nutrition programmes, that get clients better results while saving yourself hours each week

How To Build Nutrition Programmes In Stridist


Go To Your Clients Profile

Choose the nutrition programme type you’d like to take


Assign your clients targets or habits

Use the Stridist nutrition software to quickly assign your client their nutrition programme


Track their progress

Using the Stridist nutrition software you’ll be able to view your clients nutrition adherence, progress and adjust their programme as and when it’s needed

Stridist Nutrition Software Tutorial

Nutrition software for fitness and nutrition professionals

The Stridist nutrition software gives you the flexibility to programme nutrition in ways that puts your clients first while making your life easier. Track calories and macros, pick and choose which macronutrients to track, track portion sizes, assign habit based programmes, ask clients to log meals, build nutrition lessons and courses and easily monitor and adjust programmes using the flexible Stridist nutrition software

Build and analyse nutrition programmes that get clients results

Provide value to your clients and help them to achieve their goals - all while saving hours each week. Stridist arms you with all the tools you need to provide in-depth nutrition analysis, programming features and professional reports for your clients. Leaving you more time to focus on growing your business


Nutrition software for nutritionists

Stridist allows you to quickly and easily build any kind of nutrition programmes for your nutrition clients

Nutrition software for personal trainers

Stridist allows you to quickly and easily build any kind of nutrition programmes for personal training clients

How do you use the nutrition software for free?

It is absolutely free to start using the nutrition software for your clients inside Stridist! You can start a free trial by clicking one of the free trial buttons on this page, enter your details and you’ll be given access to our entire suite of tools for fitness and nutrition professionals

More than nutrition software

Stridist is packed with features for fitness and nutrition professionals who love their clients. As well as our intuitive nutrition software, you can use our in app messaging, build courses for clients, track their progress, programme and monitor their workouts and much more. As well as the Stridist platform Stridist also gives you access to resources, templates and courses that will help you grow and run your fitness business or nutrition business