Coaches App

Fitness and nutrition professionals. Run your entire business from our Coaches app

Build pages, send emails, DM clients, build programmes, do check-ins all from the Stridist Coaches App

You can now use the Stridist app to run your entire business, I'm going to insert some SEO friendly jargon here this is the best app for personal trainers, the best app for fitness coaches and the best app for nutrition coaches

Now that, that's out the way. It really is the perfect app for fitness and nutrition professionals to run their entire business from

You can switch between your profile and a sample client to see how the mobile app works for yourself and for clients

When logged in to your coaching profile on the mobile app you can do absolutely everything that you can do on our desktop platform

You the Stridist coaches app to programme workouts, build sales funnels, communicate with clients, do check-ins, track progress and more

Try the Stridist coaches app today for free and build run your entire fitness and nutrition business from your mobile phone

How To Use The Stridist Coaches App


Download the Stridist App from the app store

Make sure you choose your coaching profile when logged in and not your sample client Vanessa


Coach your clients

Use the Stridist app to coach your clients, communicate with them, do client check-ins and more


Market your business

Enter the marketing suite to grow your fitness and nutrition business from your mobile

Stridist Coaches App

A coaching app for nutritionists, nutrition professionals and personal trainers

The Stridist coaches app enables you to grow your business and coach your clients all from the comfort of your phone, whether you're on the go or just prefer the convenience you have the entire suite of tools and features available to you.


App for nutritionists

Stridist allows you to grow and run your nutrition business from your mobile app

Personal trainer app

Stridist allows you to grow and run your personal training business or online fitness coaching business from your mobile app

How do you use the coaching app for free?

It is absolutely free to start using the Stridist coaching app! You can start a free trial by clicking one of the free trial buttons on this page, enter your details and you’ll be given access to our entire suite of tools for fitness and nutrition professionals

More than a coaching app

Stridist is packed with features for fitness and nutrition professionals who love their clients. As well as our powerful coaches app, you can use our in app messaging, build courses for clients, track their progress, programme and monitor their workouts and much more. As well as the Stridist platform Stridist also gives you access to resources, templates and courses that will help you grow and run your fitness business or nutrition business