Client Workout Builder

Build Training Programmes and Workouts for your Clients In Minutes

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Build all kinds of workouts for all kinds of clients

Spending hours building workout programmes? Limited by what kind of workout you can build in other workout builders? With Stridist you can quickly build all kinds of workouts for all kinds of clients. Whether you need to programme CrossFit workouts, Circuits, Strength Training, Running Programmes, or if you want to deliver a programme of pre-recorded videos that your clients can follow along with at home, whether it’s HIIT workouts or Yoga flows, you can build anything in the Stridist workout builder

Our intuitive workout builder allows you to save programmes as templates, duplicate weeks and quickly automate the programme creation process for new fitness clients

Try the Stridist workout builder today for free and build better workout programmes, that get clients better results while saving yourself hours each week

How To Build Workouts In Stridist

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Create a new programme

Give it a name and length

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Add workouts

Click the + sign and choose “workout” from the programming options

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Build workouts

Inside the workout builder you can embed/upload videos, type out text based programmes or programme using our exercise database and data tables for reps, weight, time and distance

Get Started

Workout Builder Tutorial

Build workouts that get clients results

The Stridist workout builder gives you the flexibility to programme in ways that puts your clients first while making your life easier. Build gym workouts, home workouts, add exercise demo videos or full follow along workout videos. You can add as many movements as you want, as many workouts you want and as many full workout programmes as you want. Our workout builder software supports all kinds of coaching styles and methodologies. So whether you’re a Yoga instructor, a Powerlifting coach or anything in between. The Stridist workout builder has your programming needs covered

Rapidly build workout programmes

The Stridist workout builder is easy to use, incredibly powerful and flexible but also built in a way to save you hours each week. Save master template programmes, duplicate entire weeks of programmes and quickly duplicate individual sessions with our simple drag and drop workout builder


More than a workout builder

Stridist is packed with features for fitness and nutrition professionals who love their clients. As well as our intuitive workout builder, you can use our in app messaging, build courses for clients, track their progress, programme and monitor their nutrition and much more. As well as the Stridist platform Stridist also gives you access to resources, templates and courses that will help you grow and run your fitness business or nutrition business