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Fitness and nutrition professionals. Send email newsletters and create automations

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Grow your fitness or nutrition business using our email marketing software

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. Get leads off social media and retain and increase the attention you get from them

Send daily or weekly newsletters, create automated email sequences for new subscribers or new clients. And grow your list of email subscribers all using the Stridist email marketing tools

More people open emails than they engage on social media posts, more people click links in emails than on social media. And email marketing generates more revenue per subscriber than any other marketing channel

Try the Stridist email marketing software today for free and build email campaigns that generate new clients every single time you press send

How To Use The Stridist Email Marketing Software

Go To Stridist Marketing Suite

Choose “Marketing” and then “emails”

Create a campaign

Create a campaign from scratch or use one of our high converting email templates

Build email automations

Click workflow and create email automations using triggers, emails and wait times

Get Started

Stridist Email Marketing Tutorial

Email marketing software for nutritionists, nutrition professionals and personal trainers

The Stridist email marketing software enables you to grow your email subscribers, launch funnels and create email automations. Combine our landing pages and email automation software to build complete sales funnels that are automated from start to finish. Taking people from passive social media follower to highly engaged email subscriber to paying client

Social media is getting harder

Social media is an amazing way to grow your business, but you're on someone else's property.

And at any minute you can lose your account or be crushed by a simple change to an algorithm.

An email list is owned property, nobody will take it from you and as long as you provide value to your subscribers you’ll grow your business. No algorithm!

Social media helps people find you, then move them from there to your email list to supercharge and safeguard the growth of your business


More than email marketing software

Stridist is packed with features for fitness and nutrition professionals who love their clients. As well as our powerful email marketing software, you can use our in app messaging, build courses for clients, track their progress, programme and monitor their workouts and much more. As well as the Stridist platform Stridist also gives you access to resources, templates and courses that will help you grow and run your fitness business or nutrition business