Revenue Calculator

The Stridist revenue calculator helps you forecast or model different revenue outcomes based on a few common products or services offered by fitness and nutrition professionals. Use the revenue calculator to project your revenue based on your current numbers or to see where you could end up if you hit certain targets or goals. It’s also a great way to see how products and services at different price points impact your overall business revenue.

Business Revenue For Fitness And Nutrition Professionals

How to use the revenue calculator
Forecast based on your current numbers and play around with different products, prices and numbers to see what your business could look like in different scenarios

Why does this matter for fitness and nutrition professionals?
Our revenue calculator can be used to give you a better understanding of where your business will end up based on your current numbers and plans for your business and as a way to see where your business may end up based on different scenarios

How do I increase the revenue of my fitness or nutrition business?
The 3 primary ways to increase your revenue are:

  1. Increase prices
  2. Make more sales
  3. Improve retention

How can I use calculators like this in my own business?
These calculators generate thousands of page views of month for us. The good news… we also build them for all Stridist users! If you want us to build nutrition and training calculators that you can use to grow your business, get more traffic and grow your email list, then start a free trial below.

Use calculators in your fitness business

Did you know we build these calculators for all of our Stridist users to use in their own business? As well as the landing pages and sales funnels they fit into. Stridist is an all in one platform that gives you all the tools, resources and templates you need to grow your fitness or nutrition business