One Rep Max Calculator

Work out your 1rm and other lift percentages so you can optimise your training for better results

One Rep Max

What is a one rep max (1rm)?
Your one rep max (1RM) is the heaviest weight that you can lift for a single repetition of an exercise. It’s important to know your 1RM because it can be used to measure your strength and progress over time.

How to calculate your one rep max
There are a few different ways to calculate your 1RM, the 2 most common are maxing out for 1 rep or entering your results for a set of reps between 1-12 into our one rep max calculator below

Training At Different Percentages of 1rm
50%: Training explosive power
70%: Training endurance
80%: Training for hypertrophy
90%: Training power
95%: Training strength

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