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Run your entire fitness or nutrition business from one single piece of software. Save money and save yourself hours each week by streamlining your business. And delight your clients instead of making them use multiple different pieces of software to work with you. The only software that's suitable for industry leading training and nutrition professionals

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Stridist Coaching Portal

Stop using multiple different apps to work with clients and start providing a professional, coaching experience that scales your business, makes your life easier and delights your clients

Client progress tracking

Track all your clients progress in one easy to use client profile page

In-app Messaging

Communicate with your clients directly inside the Stridist platform, no need for Whatsapp or email communication

Client Coaching App

Your clients will have an app they can use to complete check-ins, complete their worksouts, access content, track progress and communicate with you

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An app your clients will love

Our goal is to make you AND your clients happy, No more nightmare spreadsheets for them, no more communicating on one app then doing checkings on another. Using Stridist will help you retain your clients for longer

Client programming

Programme any kind of workouts from WODs, to bodybuilding, to Yoga to home HIIT. Assign clients meal plans, macro targets, habits or portion sizes

Client check-ins and onboarding

Automate your client check-in process and onboarding so clients get the same amazing experience every time and you only have to create once

Build courses and content libraries

Drip feed educational content and resources to help your clients get even better results and deliver an extra layer of value

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Quickly and effectively programme training and nutrition for clients. Build content libraries, online courses and group programmes. Programme nutrition using calories and macros, portion sizes, meal logging or habit based coaching. Communicate with them inside the app. Build community groups. Track their progress, easily on one profile page. And automate essential tasks like check-ins, onboarding sequences and DM’s.


Use the Stridist Marketing Suite to grow your business


Sales Funnel and Landing Page Builder

Quickly build sales funnels and landing pages from scratch using our simple page builder or choose from our library of pre-existing templates

Appointment Booking

Connect Stridist to your calendar and create booking links for consultation calls, appointments, sales calls, sessions and more

Stripe and PayPal

Create products and packages and take payment all from inside the Stridist platform

Email Marketing

Capture email addresses, build your email list, send newsletters and broadcasts and build email automations

Social Media Scheduling

Create and schedule posts to all your social media profiles from inside Stridist

CRM and Pipeline Management

Track your leads and sales and all your numbers inside the Stridist dashboard



For Great Coaches Who Understand They're Running A Business


Our thriving community of the most successful trainers and coaches on the planet. Get all the training and resources you need to start or grow your business

By Trainers And Coaches, FOR Trainers And Coaches

Stridist is built and powered by fitness and nutrition professionals who care about the success of their clients and the success of their business

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One App To Replace Them All

Stridist gives you all the tools you need to grow a great business and life for yourself. Better serve your clients. While saving you hours each week and thousands of dollars per year by replacing all the other software you need to build a fast growing, systemised coaching business

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All the tools you need in one place, for 90% less

Cancel anytime. Prices in USD

Before Stridist

You had to pay for all this stuff seperately

  • 10 Different Apps To Use
  • Worse Experience For Your Clients
  • Additional admin time
  • Less organised
  • More expensive


14 Day Free Trial, then

  • Stridist Coaching Portal
  • Stridist Marketing Suite
  • Stridist Business Incubator
  • Upto 50 Clients
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14 Day Free Trial, then

  • Stridist Coaching Portal
  • Stridist Marketing Suite
  • Stridist Business Incubator
  • Upto 100 Clients
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You're in great company.

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5 / 5

Stridist is f***ing unreal. In my head I told myself I'd be building my own app one day. No need now that I have Stridist!

5 / 5

The value provided with Stridist is ridiculous! As a coach that's just launching it makes everything 1000% easier

5 / 5

I've used a few different platforms, this is hands down the best and really shows how much love, industry knowledge and expertise has gone into it

Do you want to get clients better results, give them an enhanced experience, retain them for longer and get more referrals?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, the answer lies in standardising, systemising and then automating the repeatable parts of your service so the right things always happen at the right times, leaving you to concentrate on what you're great at.

Being a great coach.

Stridist users retain clients for 11 months longer than industry standards often adding as much as $2k per year per client of extra revenue to their business.

Stridist allows you to support your clients from onboarding, to check-ins, resources and support without it adding my hours to your day.

Clients are more adherent, get better results, stay for longer and refer their friends

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