Max Heart Rate Calculator

What is your max heart rate? This is a question that you may not know the answer to, but it is important to find out. Your max heart rate can help you determine what intensity of exercise is best for you. Knowing your max heart rate can also help you avoid overtraining. Below we will discuss what your max heart rate is and you can use our calculator to work it out.

Max Heart Rate

How to calculate max heart rate
There are a several ways of working out or estimating your max heart rate. The simplest and most common formula is: 220- your age

What is Max Heart Rate?
Your Max Heart Rate is the limit for your cardiovascular system during physical activity. It is the number you hit just before you have to stop and recover and should be impossible to sustain

Training At Different Percentages of your max heart rate
50%-60%: Very Light
60%-70%: Light
70%-80%: Moderate
80%+: Very hard

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