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Helping Personal Trainers Since 2016

Sukh here, the founder of Stridist and Online Fitness Business. I start personal training in 2008, in the back of a warehouse! A few years later i was a fully booked personal trainer and owned a number of gyms across the North West of England. At the time I also made what was a strange deicison back then and started working with clients online, that was in 2013! By 2016 my online personal training business was outperforming my gyms so I sold them and went all in online.

In 2016 I also started helping other personal trainers and coaches to build their own online businesses

The right way!

No selling them the dream of making money on autopilot while they sat on a beach in Dubai

But by giving them the truth, the resources, the tactics and the strategies that along with a dose of hard work, would allow them to predictably and consistently get online clients and then get those clients amazing results

Since 2016 we’ve helped over 11,000 personal trainers move their business online and work with clients all over the world

We’ve worked with coaches who were at the beginning of their online journey like these guys

And we even helped established online coaches grow and scale their businesses, build teams and generate huge amounts of revenue, like these

The point of all this, I want you to win. I want you to go and grow a business that gives you the life that you want, and helps the people that you want to help.

And the best way for me to help you do that? By creating and sending you things like the document that is on it’s way to your inbox right now, so go to your emails, find the email from myself, take the time to go through the document and implement… actually do the work.

If you do, your business will grow

As well as the document you asked for I’ve got a few more resources I’ll send to you over the next few days too, including resources you can use to upgrade your coaching and your social media content

If you have any additional questions just reply to my emails and they’ll come through to me personally

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