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What is Stridist?

Stridist is the world's most flexible program builder. We built it to give health and fitness coaches like you the freedom to create programs exactly the way you want, without compromises ⚡️

Helping clients develop healthy habits is a tough problem, and one-size-fits-all programs rarely work. To deliver the change clients need, coaches need to offer an engaging learning experience combined with daily habits for clients to follow. Plus, they need regularly scheduled check-ins to understand whether clients are making progress or not. Until now, doing this well required cobbling together multiple tools – often resulting in a headache for coaches, and a less-than-ideal experience for clients.

Stridist puts all of this together in an intuitive and powerful web-based solution. Stridist lets you create beautiful online programs that work perfectly on every device, and helps you gather the insights you need to be a great coach.

With Stridist, you can:

  • Create program components (lessons, habits, check-ins, and workouts) using a modern content editor
  • Add automatic reminders to nudge clients to track their habits at a specific time of day
  • Receive automatic notifications when clients submit responses, and keep track of all incoming responses in a unified inbox
  • Collect detailed responses from clients (measurements, progress photos, file uploads, survey questions, and more)
  • Have clients log their meals using customizable meal prompts (e.g., did you remember to eat slowly?)
  • Provide a beautiful client portal with a built-in calendar showing clients what's assigned for each day

What are you waiting for?

Start a free trial today and experience unparalleled coaching freedom 🙌