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Program Invite Links

Using program invite links, you can invite clients to sign up directly to a program from a public URL.

To generate a program invite link, click on the program settings from the main program navigation.

This will open the program settings screen. From there, click on the "Generate Link" under the "Public invites" section:

This will generate a unique invite link you can use to invite new clients directly to your program.

When your clients click this link, they will see a custom branded landing page containing your program name, cover image, and description:

Changing start date settings

By default, program invite links have the start date set as "start immediately". This means that clients will be enrolled in the program immediately upon signup. If you would rather have the program start on a specific date, click the dropdown menu and switch to "start on fixed date".

Do program invite links work for existing clients?

At this time, program invite links only work for adding new clients to Stridist. If you would like to add an existing client to a program, you will need to enroll the client into a program manually.