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[Clients] How to receive SMS reminders

Want to receive habit and check-in reminders via SMS? As long you have a North American mobile number, you can easily set this up in your Stridist client account.

Step 1: Add your phone number

To add your phone number, visit your account settings page. For the best experience, do this on your desktop device.

You will see a field to add a phone number. Add your mobile number there, making sure to include the country code, which is +1 for the USA & Canada.

Note: You might notice a Canadian flag 🇨🇦 will show up for both USA and Canada-based phone numbers. This is a known bug and will be fixed soon. You can be sure that long as you include +1 the phone number will be in the correct format.

Step 2: Verify your phone number

After adding your phone number, click the Verify button. You will then be asked to insert the verification code that was sent to you in order to verify your phone number.

Once your number is verified, you will begin receiving SMS reminders for habits and check-ins that your coach has configured reminders for.