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How to create a weekly client check-in

Want to create a recurring check-in you can send your clients? No problem. The first step is to create a new program. If you plan to send weekly check-ins, you can call this "Weekly Check-Ins". You want this program to be ongoing, so just set it to the maximum length, which at the time of writing this article is 99 weeks.

Within this new program, add a check-in to week 1 by clicking the "Add new component" button.

In your new check-in, open the schedule settings. You should assume you'll enroll clients into this check-in starting on Mondays, so in that case Monday will be Day 1, Sunday Day 7. We want this check-in to be on Fridays, so we will choose Day 5. To have this check-in sent every week, set it to repeat "Weekly". You can add an optional reminder to be sent on check-in day.

Next, add any check-in questions you want clients to complete in the main content area. When you're happy with the questions, publish your check-in.

Finally, you'll want to enroll clients. From the program curriculum, click on the "Enroll clients" button. Choose any clients you'd like to receive the weekly check-in, and then choose a start date. Remember to start your clients on Monday to ensure check-ins appear on the correct dates.

Now that check-in will appear every Friday on your client's calendar!