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Creating a Program with a Template

Sometimes you need some help to get started to create your health and fitness coaching programs. To help you overcome the "blank canvas syndrome", we're providing templates that you can either use as-is or customize to fit your needs.

All of our nutrition templates are written by registered dieticians to ensure they incorporate evidence-based practices to support your client's nutrition goals.

Here's how templates work in Stridist.

  1. Click on the "Create a program" button on your programs page. This will open a page that lets you either start from scratch with a blank program or choose one of our templates.
  2. Find the program template you'd like to start with and click "Use template". This will copy it to your program library.
  3. Feel free to modify the copied program template to fit your coaching goals, or use it as-is!

We'll be adding new program templates to our library on an ongoing basis. Check out this list of available templates, and if you'd like to request a new template, visit our feedback page.