Can Personal Trainers REALLY Make a 6 Figure Salary?

Published by Sukh Sidhu on September 26, 2022

If you are here to read another guide about how you can quickly make six figures as an

online personal trainer, you might be disappointed.

There is no magic wand that can make your online personal training services suddenly start earning you millions.

There is no ‘hack’ or ‘6 simple steps’ that will turn your business into a bottomless gold mine.

If you have heard from so-called ‘gurus’ claiming that they can take your business from

making £1,000 a month to £8,000 a month just by doing as they say – it’s probably not going to work.

We’re not saying you can’t earn six figures as a personal trainer. But, what we are saying is that it certainly won’t come easily. Any mentor who claims you can do it in a few weeks is wrong.

Personal training is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. The best way you can make more money is to put in the work, scale sustainably and learn how to retain your clients for as long as

Can you make a lot of money being an online personal trainer?

If it’s what you want, you can make yourself a lot of money online as a personal trainer.

We’re not here to say otherwise.

BUT we are going to say that fixating on a random target of ‘six figures’ is not the best way to grow your business. It’s a very shortsighted goal that prevents you from making money the smart way – by scaling your business sustainably over time.

The irony is that if you planned your business for the long term by focussing on keeping your clients happy, generating good quality leads and acting on the next steps you need to take, then you actually would be able to make a lot more money as a personal trainer online than by trying to cut straight to the finish line.

So, it’s not just about achieving an arbitrary financial goal. It’s about making the most of your time while finding a way to enjoy both your job and your personal life. It’s about putting the work in and seeing your efforts really paying off.

How much money can you make online personal training?

Taking your personal training business online is the next logical step in making more money.

This doesn’t mean you will be guaranteed a six figure income. But, it does mean you can scale up quicker in a way that is more profitable, sustainable and makes more efficient use of your time.

Let’s look at comparing an online fitness business model with a tradition PT and see how you could make six figures.

Over the course of the year, you would need to make £8,333 a month. This equates to just over £2,000 a week.

With a traditional personal training business, you’d need to work a 40 hour week at £50 per hour to achieve an £8,000 month. That’s a lot of pressure.

If, however, you were an experienced owner of an online fitness business, you could charge £250 a month for your coaching.

Then, if you manage to maintain a constant 32 clients, you could be making the same amount of money.

We’re not saying that this is the amount of money you should be making. Many online

personal trainers are happy to charge less, have fewer clients and live a lifestyle they love – whatever it is that best meets your needs.

But, the main difference is that you will be doing this in your own time. There won’t be any need to work evenings and weekends – you can prepare and advise for your clients when and where you want to.

How to make 6 figures as an online personal trainer

Again, don’t expect to suddenly see a six figure income come flooding in from your personal training business – though that’s not to say that this isn’t doable in time.

Getting online is an amazing opportunity to expand your client base, boost your revenue and make more use of the hours in your day.

As we already said, to make six figures as an online personal trainer, you need to find 32 clients who can pay you £250 a month.

It’s simple really. But, it isn’t going to happen overnight.

To be on your way to earning 6 figures you should be thinking about…

Focussing on retaining clients

Generating leads is an essential part of expanding your online fitness business. You won’t be able to grow without making sales.

But, we often see online personal trainers who are too caught up in finding new clients in the rush to achieve their six figure goal. Remember, it’s vital that you don’t lose sight of what you are here for – to get amazing results for the clients you already have.

Another benefit of happy clients? They’re more likely to refer you to a friend. That’s free

advertising for you.

Think how much it costs you in both time and money to acquire a new client. The more you can retain clients, the more cost effective your business will be at making money.

Investing your own time and money

If you’ve had an amazing month for your online business, what do you do?

Do you take that money, pay yourself a bonus and carry on as before?

Or, do you invest that money back into your business – it could be on improving your

advertising or your own training and education.

Whatever it is your business needs, you need to be willing to do what it takes to provide it.

Without your hard work, time and investment, we guarantee that you won’t see the same level of growth.

Putting the effort into your content

Content is a huge part of growing an online fitness business. You can’t expect to grow

without it. But again, this takes hard work and time.

The content you create feeds into everything including generating leads, building your

audience and email lists, making sales, providing fresh information for existing clients to

consume and marketing yourself as a trainer.

Whether you post it on social media, YouTube, via emails or on your blog, you never want to take your foot off the peddle when it comes to content.

Developing a profitable pricing structure

Have you changed your prices and services since you began your online fitness business? If not, why?

Don’t fall into the trap of underselling yourself in the pursuit of getting more clients. As your experience and reputation grows, so should your monthly fees.

You shouldn’t forget about adding more services and products to your business, either.

Don’t forget that just because a client has signed up, there is nothing left to sell to them. They are in the best possible position to want more of your help, so make the most of it.

In conclusion…

So, we’re not here to say you can’t earn a six figure income as a personal trainer. Taking

your business online is the smartest way to get there.

We are saying, however, that you shouldn’t expect to reach that monetary goal without putting in the work first.

Six figures in six weeks? Probably not going to happen.

Six figures after a year of hard work, investment and taking full ownership of your business?

If it’s what you want, then there’s no reason why you can’t achieve it.


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