Introducing Stridist for Clients (iOS and Android)

Stridist already offers a beautiful and responsive client web experience, but one of our most requested features has been a mobile app. So we're excited to announce that the Stridist client app for iOS and Android have arrived. It's now easier than ever for clients to access programs and chat with you on the go.

A customizable mobile coaching app

As a coach, putting your brand front and center is key. Add your logo and brand color to Stridist to make the Stridist app feel like your own.

Seamless Access with Google and Apple Login

There's one key reason clients want a mobile app: convenience. And this includes spending less time fumbling around a login screen trying to remember what password they used. So as part of our mobile launch, we've also introduced the ability for clients to log in with their Google and Apple account.

But what if clients signed up with their email address? No problem. As long as they use the same email address with their Google and Apple account, they can sign in with one of these two providers.

Mobile client meal logging

One of the best features to use with the new mobile apps are client meal logging. You can enable client meal logging in Stridist to see what your clients ate. But even better, add custom meal logging prompts – like mood questions, or multiple choice – to understand why they ate something.

Keep clients accountable with mobile habits and check-ins

If you enable reminders on your habits and check-ins, clients will get a push notification reminding them to complete them at just the right time.