Say Hello to Total Coaching Freedom

After more than a year of intense product development and a 6 month beta program piloting Stridist with hundreds of coaches, we're finally ready to open up our platform to all coaches. We're thrilled to finally go live, but we know this is just the first step in our mission to build the most flexible health and fitness coaching software on the planet.

The Stridist journey began from the simple realization that although there are dozens of coaching products on the market, most coaches still prefer to do their coaching with old fashioned spreadsheets and email. Why? Existing coaching products are simply too rigid and hard to customize. So we decided to build a tool that would let coaches create programs any way they want, delivering a powerful program combined with streamlined client management. With Stridist, you can finally deliver professional looking programs and keep everything organized in one central place.

Launch your own branded coaching experience

Throughout our beta, it was clear coaches wanted not only the flexibility to add a variety of different types of program content, but also for their own brand to be front and center. So we've introduced custom theming and the ability to add your own logo and messaging. Stridist can feel like it's your own custom coaching app.

A powerful, intuitive editor

With Stridist, we've build the world's first modern, block-based editor designed specifically for fitness and nutrition programming. Think of it like Squarespace or Wordpress, but designed for coaches.

What if I don't have content?

One of the biggest barriers to creating new programs is the time it takes to create polished, professional looking coaching programs. So we're partnering with fitness and nutrition experts to provide a beautiful library of built-in programs, to help coaches overcome blank page syndrome.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

With our launch, all new users will get a 14-day trial of Stridist Pro.

Unlike most coaching platforms, we decided not to charge per client. We wanted coaches to be able to add as many clients as they like, without having to worry about their monthly price going up. So our Pro plan starts at just $39/mo USD with a yearly subscription (or $49 if paying month to month).